From 2022 free modem choice with every internet provider


From 2022 free modem choice with every internet provider

From the beginning of next year you will no longer be tied to the modem that comes standard with your internet subscription. Free modem choice is then in force, as the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has established in its role as supervisor.


In six months, your internet provider may no longer prohibit you from installing an alternative modem. The same goes for routers. If you want to use a different modem than the one you borrow from your provider, that option must be facilitated. The new rules of the ACM correspond to regulations previously decided at European level.

According to the ACM, one of the advantages of free modem choice is that it is easier to switch to another internet provider. You no longer have to exchange the modem. Also, modems from other brands may offer more features and freedom to adjust certain settings.

Another factor is that modem manufacturers are more inclined to innovate with new devices, because competition is increasing.

Not without a fight

This issue has been debated for years. Dutch telecom provider was not exactly ready to jump. Last year KPN took the plunge. On the provider’s website you will find instructions for connecting your own modem and what this device must technically meet.

VodafoneZiggo is currently trying to legally enforce that customers may only use the company’s supplied modem. The provider calls this ‘essential’ to guarantee a good service.

Easier to switch

The ACM previously conducted a survey into satisfaction with internet providers in the Netherlands. Switching to another provider was experienced as more difficult. Free modem choice may ease this process. With our colleagues from Computer! In total you can already read several switching tips.

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