Netflix CEO is open to subscription with advertising

The CEO of video streaming service Netflix, Reed Hastings, says he is open to a cheaper subscription that contains ads.

The subscription is intended for people who want to spend less on the service; it should therefore become an additional option for consumers. Within the next two years, Netflix will decide whether this subscription will come and if so, in what form.

Should the new subscription see the light of day, it will mean a new turn for the company. Netflix has been speaking out for years against paid subscriptions that are supported by advertising.

Netflix is ​​considering additional subscription

It is not very strange that Netflix is ​​considering the new subscription form. The video streaming service recently lost subscribers for the first time in ten years. The company has to switch to maintain the number of paying customers.

It could also be that Netflix invests in offering live sports. That is also a part that the company previously said it did not want to do anything with. But in either case, it can provide an additional source of income.

Whether such a subscription will also come to the Netherlands remains to be seen. Many other streaming services, such as Hulu, Peacock, and HBO Max, offer ad-supported subscriptions in the United States. Disney+ recently announced its intention to do so.

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