Facebook fights fake reviews

Facebook is tackling the reviews that users can leave on company profiles, so that they no longer post fake reviews.

The social media company is updating its Community Feedback Policyso late the company know† The media giant already used the new rules, but now they are also in black and white.

The new guidelines should ensure that people can no longer leave fake, negative reviews in an attempt to force a refund. They are also no longer allowed to whine about free goods.

New rules for reviews on Facebook

Not only that, the new rules should also prevent people from leaving a positive review. Such reviews are often overly positive and a bit vague.

In addition, Facebook removes reviews that have nothing to do with a business or when they contain inappropriate content. Spam reviews should also be a thing of the past due to this new policy.

When a user or company violates the new rules, the reviews will be removed. Companies can receive additional penalties and then sometimes stop using product tags and lists.

Facebook goes one step further when companies go too far. Then they lose access to all kinds of Meta features and products; and they may even lose their profile.

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