Beware of Unofficial Windows 11 Downloads Full of Malware

Beware of Unofficial Windows 11 Downloads Full of Malware

Downloading Windows 11 outside of Microsoft’s official channels turns out not to be a good idea. Antivirus firm Kaspersky discovered hundreds of alleged Windows 11 installation files online, which actually install malware on your system.

Provided that Windows 11 is currently only available to install on a Windows 10 PC by Windows Insiderprogram to register. The brand new Windows version will then arrive as an update and the installation will be performed automatically in the usual way. You cannot (yet) download Windows 11 separately from a website.

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Nevertheless, cyber criminals are cleverly responding to this need, according to Kaspersky. They distribute setup files on the Internet that appear to install Windows 11, but contain viruses. As an example, the company shows a so-called ‘download manager’ for Windows 11 that would also ‘activate’ the operating system. What it actually does is install rogue software.

Passwords stolen

These can be programs that you do not want at all, or more evil things such as a trojan virus or malware that intercepts passwords. The advice is therefore not to look for ways to install Windows 11 yourself. Microsoft will probably offer alternative download options at a later stage, but for now that is not the case.

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