Android 13 available as public beta

Android 13 beta isn’t just for developers anymore. Google makes the software accessible to normal users.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get started with the public beta of Android 13. For now, only people with a modern Pixel smartphone can get started with it. So the rest will have to wait a little longer.

The wait will probably not be long. Next month, Google is organizing a conference for developers, where the company will unveil its plans for Android 13. Then we may find out when the beta will be released for other people.

Android 13 brings interesting features

Because Android 13 has been available for download as a developer version for some time, we also already know about some of the features that will appear. For example, the system will have built-in support for bluetooth low energy audio, there will be a new photo selector (with which you can set that certain apps cannot see all photos), new app icons and a new permission (which may give you less notification spam).

When you download the update for Android 13 as a Pixel owner, you may notice that the beta is still mainly dominated by developers. This is not surprising, since the most recent developer version was used as the basis for the public variant.

For more information, see the Google’s website

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