Windows 11 lets you start recently played games faster

Microsoft is currently testing a new feature for Windows 11 that allows gamers to start recently played games faster.

This is done via a linked Xbox controller, so you don’t have to use your mouse and keyboard first if you don’t want to. Microsoft calls the new option the controller bar. You reach that bar by pressing the Xbox button, which sits in the middle of a controller, when no game is active at that time.

When you press the button, the bar shows three games you recently played. In addition, you also see three game launchers, such as Steam.

Xbox controller bar for Windows 11

Some people have a controller paired with a Windows device by default, making it a lot more accessible for them to quickly resume a game they recently played. You don’t have to arrange anything via other peripherals first.

Of course, once you’re in a game, the Xbox button still brings up the extended Guide. There you will find all kinds of settings, video games and social functions.

The new controller bar is in beta and there’s no telling when the brand new feature will roll out to Windows 11 users.

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