WhatsApp lets you mute users in group conversations

WhatsApp received an update last week that allows users to mute others in a group conversation while calling.

This can be useful for several reasons. Suppose someone forgets to mute themselves in a conversation, you can do that for them. In addition, you can mute someone when you are in the same room together and do not want to hear an echo.

Through other apps that allow you to make video calls, you can often no longer mute anyone during a call. However, you can set in advance that no one can respond, or that some people must remain silent during the conversation.

WhatsApp offers more options

However, it doesn’t stop there. Because WhatsApp offers even more options during group conversations. You can send someone a message during such a conversation. This way you can point someone out without the rest needing to know.

Furthermore, WhatsApp offers a new notification that shows itself when someone enters a group conversation after the conversation has already started.

WhatsApp has been rolling out a lot of updates lately. For example, you can now also protect your profile information from specific contacts and transfer your Android chat history to iOS.

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