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We still understand that there is a programming language called Java; coffee is grown in Java and programmers are notorious coffee lovers. But what makes Indonesian topography so interesting that there is also a program called Sumatra? We haven’t the faintest idea! What we do know is that this tip from Arjen Hoogervorst made us very happy. Sumatra is the ideal replacement for a handful of other programs, so that cleans up nicely.

Sumatra is primarily a lightweight (and therefore nice and fast) PDF reader that easily replaces Adobe Reader (210 MB on our hard drive). However, the program can do much more. It also reads files from the free PDF alternative DjVu (as far as we know the first program that can do this trick) and all common e-book formats such as ePub and Mobi. Sumatra also opens help files (chm) and PostScript documents. wow!

Download Sumatra

Click the link above to download for free
Sumatra – all in one program

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