Apple pulls the plug on the iPod Touch

After twenty years of loyal service, Apple is officially pulling the plug on the production of the iPod Touch. The device is for sale while supplies last.

apple announces that it has officially stopped production of the iPod Touch. The latest version of the popular music player is seventh generation.

You can still buy the iPod Touch “while supplies last,” according to the Cupertino company. Although the Touch is now underground, Apple wants to emphasize that the idea of ​​the device lives on in other products that play music. Think of the iPhone, iPad and the HomePod Mini.

The iPod turned 20

Twenty years ago, Apple introduced the iPod Touch as a music player. Until 2017, this was really the only thing you could do with the product. Later, the device also got access to all kinds of apps via the App Store, giving you a kind of iPhone experience without being able to make calls.

It is not surprising that the iPod Touch is now losing out. The latest version of the music player was introduced in 2019, via a simple press release. At the time, the Touch already had an outdated processor, namely the A10 from the iPhone 7. In the same year, the iPhone 11 appeared with an A13 Bionic chip.

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